Automation Engineers Australia is an Electrical & Automation Engineering Company. We are privately owned, with a head office in Mulgrave and a satellite office in Perth as well as Lewes, Delaware USA.

Since its inception we have grown to include a full team of engineers, technicians, fitters and fabricators, ensuring complete control and dynamic flexibility for demanding projects.

Since our establishment, we have provided quality engineering services to clients in Food & Beverage manufacturing, waste and water processing, cold storage, and mining. The owner is a working member of our teams involved in all aspects of a project, from conception to schematic to final design and continuing through to the end of the construction and commissioning.


David Graham

Photo of David Graham

David leads the engineering team at Automation Engineers Australia. He is a highly driven, detail orientated manager who has earned an exceptional reputation throughout his career. Prior to the company’s formation, he gained significant experience in machine automation, system integration, vision systems, and inspection systems, with large-scale food/beverage processing facilities and refrigeration systems. Not afraid to sink his teeth into new and exciting projects, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of new technologies.


Automation Engineers Australia is certified by Bureau Veritas in ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO41001, so you can rest assured from start to finish you have been delivered a quality product to give you the confidence to keep pushing forward.